My new blog :)

And here is another blog 🙂

This is not my first blog, but it is the first I have created for myself. I mean, the first blog I created was for my younger students to help them practise English, the second one was for older students to stimulate them to study literature, the third one was for my colleagues to help them learn how to use some tools and this is the first which is for me only 🙂
Thanks to eTwinning and to the learning lab about exploiting Web 2.0 I have the chance to write here … what? Well, I don’t know yet but I will surely find something to discuss about and share with others.
As for the topic of the lab, I have watched the videos on the lab site and I am sure we cannot ignore the importance of Web 2.0, above all if we considered how much our students are involved in the virtual world which surrounds us. And the same is true for us as this video by David Truss so well shows.

Wow, I have just written my first post! Feel like Julie Powell 😉


One thought on “My new blog :)

  1. Ciao Alessandra,
    interessante il tuo blog in genere e questo video in particolare.
    Penso proprio che lo aggiungerò ai miei preferiti. Sarebbe il caso di mostrarli alle colleghe scettiche o comunque che non hanno mai il tempo per…
    A proposito, non si è più parlato di un secondo incontro seminariale nella nostra interprovincia?!
    Sarebbe bello continuare.
    Saluti dalla piovosa Udine

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