What’s a teacher in the Digital Age?

“Any teacher that can be replaced by a computer, deserves to be.”  David Thornburg

I found the quotation on a blog and you can find the post here. It is worth reading because it is a really interesting post and a meditation about the role of a teacher in our technological world. It would be easy to reply using another quotation by David Thornburg

“If you bring in these technologies and don’t think ahead to how they’ll be used to promote learning and the acquisition of skills, then the only thing that will change in school is the electric bill,”

because I think the point lies exactly there.  Teachers  have to develop their students’ skills and make them independent in their study. Technology is essential to this extent because it presents many different tools and platforms which help the kids do a lot of things, from note-taking to writing and reading activities, to online experiments and that’s when the teacher’s role becomes important. A teacher should guide them and give them the chance of choosing what is more suitable for each of them. During traditional classroom activites, it is not that easy to help mixed-abilities students but thanks to technology we can make them find out what is best for them. It is when I use ICT tools that I see my students really involved because they can accomplish their tasks in the way which is better for them, according to their intelligence and talent. And it is through such tools that it has become easier for me to find out their intelligence and talents. But it is not easy! On the contrary it is quite a hard job: always looking for tools, test them, trying to understand how they can really be effective and of course preparing activities which can go with the curriculum.

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