Why do we connect?

I found the video through Twitter 🙂 and after asking its author for permission, I embedded it here on my blog and hope that somebody else will see and appreciate it. Isn’t this an example of Connectivism? Connectivism states that learning is not something individualistic and internal but it lies in the ability of creating connections between data, information, images. The question here is: why do we connect? My answer is because I want to learn and share what I learn, and I want to be part of a bigger community and a “global staff room”. The video presents reasons for connecting: people of different ages, backgrounds and jobs have anyway a reason for connecting. I am a lifelong learner, I am curious, has always been, and now in few minutes I can find any kind of information. The problem is of course how to manage all this but once again thanks to ICT tools I have learnt about RSS and Instapaper and a lot more which helps me organize all the data I find and need and so create my PLN. I am also a teacher and I know that I have also the responsibility of being a sort of guide for my students who, despite their self-confidence, are not as expert as they think they are. The more I know, the more I can help them too.

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