A Virtual Trip to London

One of the lessons my students loved most was the “Virtual Trip to London”.
I had been to London on a school trip with a group of older students and when I came back the young ones started asking loads of questions so I decided to prepare some lessons about it.
While there I had collected some maps of the city which were quite colourful and with drawings of monuments and sites – actually they were produced by some sightseeing tour organization – and so I used them to show what the city looks like. There was plenty to do on them: locate main attractions, find out more information about attractions, prepare a guided tour, ask and give information about prices, length of tour, and so on. It was a good chance for them to practise the language concerning travelling. When I thought they had got enough details about the city we went to the lab, we got on a bus and started our tour 🙂
We did it this way: we jumped on a bus here, and then, whenever the kids decided they wanted to jump off and visit a site, they just googled its name plus “virtual tour” and that’s it. They visited Madame Tussaud’s, then they decided to have a look at the Statue of Eros in Piccadilly Circus, some girls hopped off in front of Harrods and went for some shopping and so on 🙂
It was great fun for everybody. While exploring London they took notes of what they saw in order to be ready to tell their mates and so the following lesson we had a nice discussion about what was really worth visiting.
The activity proved useful because it gave lots of chances of reading, speaking and improving vocabulary while letting the kids free to choose where to go and what to do. Here is a comic a girl created after the experience.

we visit London :D

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