eTwinning once more!

I have already written somewhere that I am kind of eTwinning addict. In my daily job, it represents a new approach and a way to motivate my students. I can’t imagine my classes as just composed of the 20-something students who are there but I see them as bigger groups of students who share their experiences with us.
Another aspect which I really appreciate is that eTwinning always invites you to show and explain what you are doing which is quite helpful for one like me who is always a bit messy.
Anyway, the strongest point of eTwinning is the chance you have to collaborate with colleagues you might never meet personally but with whom you can establish a really profitable and friendly relationship.
And now to the point.
prize winners
Well, yes, one of the projects I worked on last year has just been awarded the European prize!
Pek, the Traveller Flea – Evolution has been considered the best eTwinning project in the category Pupils 16-19”

Pek is a tiny flea who has been travelling around Europe, and not only, for three years now and whose stories and adventures have been narrated by students from Spain, Portugal, France, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Turkey and of course Italy!
The students have worked together in teams: scriptwriters, cartoonists, illustrators, translators, designers, painters belonged each to a different country so they had to do a great job of communication in order to agree on any stage of each story. They used blogs, forum, chat sessions and mails in order to exchange ideas and opinions and the final outcome is not only a book with all the illustrated stories but also some T-shirts, mugs and bookmarks.

Working with this wonderful team of colleagues has been really great and seeing how the students enjoyed themselves while learning has been deeply rewarding. Below you can see a video which illustrates some steps of the project. Hope you’ll enjoy it

2 thoughts on “eTwinning once more!

  1. Ale, you’re a great teacher! Your students are so lucky to have you! My congratulations on the excellent results and best wishes for more inspiring and so beautiful projects! Silvana

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