An activity to celebrate Halloween

I attended the Mini Conference for eTwinning Ambassadors a couple of weeks ago and as usual came back home with my suitcase full not of souvenirs from beautiful Catania – definetely no time for shopping just a bit of sightseeing – but full of new ideas.

I have used a part of what I learned there to create an activity to celebrate Halloween with my students.

My aim was to make them improve their reading skills but also to make them have fun while doing it.

That’s when a workshop I attended in Catania and a Learning Event I took part in a month ago came to help.

What if I create a treasure hunt for my students, what if I ask them to look for a precise word, what if they have to use that word to reach a destination, what if at their destination they find something fun to create?

And I did it.

I decided to create a webquest about Halloween using as a reference site.

The students had to read carefully in order to find out some words whose definitions I had prepared for them.

After finding the right words, they had to choose some letters from the words i.e. Name of ancient festival from which Halloween originated (take the 3rd letter)

Putting all the letters together, they had the word monster, which I thought could be appropriate enough.

Then I created a padlet and, thanks to could also create a proper link to it What the students had to do was find out the word, add it to part of the url … and then go.

Once they reached the padlet, they found their final task: create a video about Halloween using Animoto.


padlet halloween

They enjoyed the activity which they didn’t find too difficult, even though they spent some time to find out the fruit which is used in a popular Halloween game!

I really must thank Bart Verswijvel  for his inspirational work and his stimulating ideas.



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