This is an activity about Halloween which I have already done with my students and which they have always found interesting and fun.      halloween

It helps them develop their cultural awareness, their digital skills and their creativity, but also their presentation and language skills.

Students work in groups of four. One is from Austria, one is from France, one from China and one from Ireland. They use the link Halloween around the world and look for information. They have to find out how Halloween is celebrated in their country and get ready to tell their mates. They have to consider the games people play, the food they eat, the way they dress up, popular beliefs.

Then they compare the different celebrations and complete the following organizer:




                   CHINA                              AUSTRIA                                  FRANCE                             IRELAND

Following activities:

Studens pretend they are journalists and have to write an article about how Halloween is celebrated around the world. They use all the information they have learnt  and write an article for a youth magazine. They can use pictures and clip arts to make it more attractive. When it is ready, they can post it on a padlet. here is an example of a padlet which was created for another Halloween activity  Halloween

Students use all the information they have learnt  and create either a presentation using prezi or an interactive picture  using thinglink.

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