Spotlight: Edmodo big gift!

I started using Edmodo almost nine years ago and now I could not work without using it. It allows me to create my virtual classes and so to stay in touch with my students and share links, files and any type of material with them. Thanks to Edmodo I can create quizzes and assignments which I use for my students’ formative assessment and I can also create polls in order to check, for example, if everything is going on fine.  screen-shot-2016-09-08-at-17-55-28

During these last years anyway, Edmodo has turned into something much bigger. It has become kind of educational social network where I can meet teachers from all over the world and share my ideas, worries and opinions about topics I am involved with.

But there’s more! Edmodo has given us Spotlight!

Spotlight is the place where teachers can upload their resources and share them with their colleagues. If they decide to do so, they can even sell them, but I think that’s not the main point. What is really great is the possibility to download the resources there, analyse them and use them with our classes. You can filter your research according to students’ age, school and subject and the quantity and above all the quality of the material you will be able to see is really remarkable.    edmodo-spotlight

But there is another aspect that I like and this is the most important for me, personally. I am always afraid that what I create is not good enough, is not precise or interesting. Spotlight has been kind of challenge for me. When I uploaded my first resource, I was quite tense but when I got the first reviews and realized that other teachers would use my work because they found it interesting and helpful for their job, I felt somehow stronger and more confident.

Spotlight is a treasure for me and it is encouraging to see so many great colleagues who work hard for their students and are willing to share and improve!

If you you want to learn more and find awesome resources, you must definetely give Spotlight a try!

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