The Innovation Project

I was so lucky to stumble upon a tweet which was about The Innovation Project and of course, since I am always interested in joining international projects and giving my students the chance of meeting new friends and sharing their work with them, I asked to join it.

Screen Shot 2018-05-28 at 18.46.01

The job had to be done in four weeks, not the best weeks in our school year since we started at the beginning of May, but I really found amazing the fact that despite the little time we unluckily could devote to the project, the students managed to do everything by the deadlines and quite well, or so I think.

The first week was about brainstorming the idea of innovation. Working in groups the students had to come up with a definition and an analysis of positive aspects and drawbacks. They had to prepare a video about it. 

The second week was about connecting the idea of innovation to the SDGs, so they decided to focus on SDG #7 Affordable and Clean Energy and they thought of creating a Power Bike which can produce energy through some small solar panels and then such energy can be used for example to recharge mobile phones batteries. Maybe not too original but considering the short time they had, I thought it was brilliant!

The third week was about different activities: deeper analysis of SDGs and creation of a tutorial which illustrates a tool the students find useful in their every day job. They prepared some presentations about the SDGs they focused on and a tutorial about the app SimpleMind+, which they use to create mindmaps.

The fourth week was the real fun: we could arrange for some Skype sessions with some of the other schools involved in the project. We had a chance of meeting the students from the International School of Beijing, who talked to us about the radio they have at school and shared their idea of innovation; then we met also the students from the Lebanon Trail High School from Texas, who had done an amazing job about their idea of innovative products.

The project  was a great experience for me and gave me also the possibility to think about my job and find new ways to do it. The enthusiasm which I saw in my students and in all the students that we met during the Skype sessions really makes it clear that if you work on something so globally important and you can compare your job with that of hundreds of others, it is really worth it. The chance I had of bringing the world into my classroom is something priceless.

Here is the Sutori that shows all the work we have done   The Innovation Project

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